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After Hours: Why the World Wrestling Entertainment Stock Increased 11.4%

World Wrestling Entertainment Stock

After hours on Wednesday, April 14th, the stock for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) skyrocketed 11.4%, making it one of the top-performing stocks in the S&P 500. It was a surprising move for investors, and many are wondering why the stock saw such a big jump. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the factors that may have caused the stock to surge, and what the future may hold for WWE.

Wall Street analysts are optimistic about WWE’s new partnership with FOX

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) recently announced a new partnership with FOX, one of the largest media companies in the world. Under the new agreement, WWE programming will be featured on FOX’s broadcast, cable, and digital networks. Analysts are optimistic about the deal, as it will give WWE increased exposure and leverage to negotiate other television deals.

The new TV deal is worth $1 billion and is expected to last five years. This is a major milestone for WWE, as they now have access to FOX’s enormous global reach. The deal gives WWE a prime spot on FOX’s lineup, with weekly shows on both FOX Sports 1 and FS2. Additionally, WWE will be able to produce content for FOX’s digital platforms, including its streaming service, FOX NOW.

Analysts believe that this partnership will result in higher viewership and engagement, as WWE fans will have increased access to their favorite programming. The partnership also gives WWE a chance to showcase its other properties, such as NXT and 205 Live. Furthermore, it allows WWE to build relationships with advertisers, which can help increase revenues. Overall, Wall Street analysts are optimistic about the potential for growth that the new partnership brings to WWE.

The new TV deal is worth $1 billion and gives WWE increased exposure

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) recently announced a new multi-year partnership with FOX, the parent company of cable sports network FOX Sports 1. The deal is reportedly worth $1 billion and will give WWE more exposure to a larger audience on one of the biggest sports networks in the world.

The new partnership between WWE and FOX has been well received by Wall Street analysts and investors, as it will provide WWE with greater exposure to the US sports market and the potential to reach new viewers. Additionally, the new TV deal gives WWE a huge platform for its live programming, including its flagship show “Monday Night Raw”, which will air on FOX Sports 1 each week.

This deal is part of WWE’s larger strategy to expand its global reach and create new revenue streams from broadcasting. In addition to this TV deal, WWE has also signed a 10-year agreement with Saudi Arabia for an annual event that will be broadcasted to fans worldwide. This deal, along with the new TV deal, will help WWE capitalize on the growing popularity of professional wrestling around the world.

Given these news announcements, it is no surprise that WWE stock increased 11.4% after hours. Investors are clearly optimistic about WWE’s future prospects and its ability to capitalize on its new partnerships.

WWE has also signed a new deal with Saudi Arabia

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) recently announced a new partnership with Saudi Arabia, further expanding their global reach. This move reflects WWE’s continued efforts to expand and diversify its international reach.

Under the new deal, Saudi Arabia will host two WWE events each year in the country. The events will be broadcast internationally and will also be shown on Saudi TV.

The deal is part of the Saudi Vision 2030 initiative, which is aimed at diversifying the country’s economy away from oil. It’s also part of WWE’s effort to grow its international presence.

WWE’s chairman Vince McMahon has said that this new deal with Saudi Arabia is “a tremendous opportunity for us to showcase our brand in an exciting region of the world.” He added that the deal “will help expand our fan base and introduce more people to the thrilling world of sports entertainment.”

The first event under the new deal will be a pay-per-view event, called “Crown Jewel,” which will take place in Riyadh on November 2nd. This will be followed by another event in December.

These new developments show that WWE is continuing to invest in its international growth, and it’s clear that the company is looking to capitalize on the growing appetite for sports entertainment worldwide.

These deals show that WWE is committed to growing its global reach

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) recently announced two major deals that demonstrate their commitment to expanding their global reach. The first was a new five-year agreement with FOX that will bring WWE programming to the FOX Sports family of networks, including FOX Sports 1 and FOX Sports 2. This new TV deal is worth $1 billion and it increases the potential for WWE to reach more viewers than ever before.

The second major announcement was a 10-year partnership with Saudi Arabia. This partnership will involve staging four major events each year in Saudi Arabia, giving WWE an opportunity to promote their brand to a larger audience in the region. These events will feature some of the top stars from WWE, including John Cena, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins.

By signing these two new deals, WWE is showing its commitment to growing its global reach. They are opening up their product to more countries and viewers than ever before, increasing their potential for growth. It’s no wonder Wall Street analysts are optimistic about WWE’s future, as evidenced by the 11.4% increase in their stock price after hours.

WWE stock is up 11.4% after hours on these news announcements

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) stock was up 11.4% after hours on Tuesday, August 6th, following news of two major deals that will help the company expand its global reach.

Wall Street analysts are optimistic about WWE’s new partnership with FOX. This five-year agreement is reportedly worth $1 billion and gives WWE unprecedented exposure in the United States. The deal will also provide WWE with a wider range of content and distribution opportunities.

Furthermore, WWE has recently signed a new 10-year deal with the Saudi General Sports Authority for an event to be held in Saudi Arabia. The company is set to benefit from lucrative revenue streams such as ticket sales, corporate sponsorships and merchandising.

Both of these news announcements prove that WWE is committed to continuing to grow its global reach and appeal. This is evidenced by their willingness to strike deals that increase their presence in the United States, as well as other countries. It’s no surprise then that investors reacted favorably to the news and sent the stock soaring 11.4% after hours.


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